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Sandita’s: Culture, Community, and Color!

Sandy Ho, head chef and founder of Sandita’s, is a Vietnamese, Australian-born chef who channels memories of her childhood, as well as her love for food, into creating a unique, stylish, and eclectic business.

Sandy Ho has always been a creative type. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she was “convinced she would become an artist.” However, she realized that she was meant for something a little different. After some soul-searching, she realized her love for food. In 2014, she booked a trip to the Pontine Islands of Italy and her life was forever changed. For three years, Chef Sandy traveled all over the world to work on boats and sails, providing inimitable dining experiences on the water for people in places such as Sardinia, Greece, Thailand, and Croatia. Finally, she – and Sandita’s – found her way to Los Angeles.

Sandita’s, like all things, started off small. It was a “backyard dinner series,” that tied nature into dining, an opportunity for members of the community to foster new relationships with strangers but also to share delicious food with loved ones. With their expertly set table featuring their hand-dyed napkins, Sandita’s stood out on a variety of levels in terms of the atmosphere as well as the food itself. Their viral, tasty, Rainbow Dumplings are created by hand and rolled with a plethora of colors, making each bite intriguing to both the eye and the stomach.

Sadly, COVID-19 put an end to these backyard dinners. However, with her undeniable creativity, Chef Sandy found a way around this unexpected roadblock. You can purchase her Rainbow Dumplings, Dumpling Kits, and Sandita’s Nut and Seed Loaves exclusively at Wine and Eggs Shop in Atwater Village, and they will be available at other retailers in the near future! Additionally, Sandita’s is offering pop-ups and event menus.

While culture and color stand out as defining factors of Sandita’s, another major aspect of this small business is community and philanthropy. Each month, Sandita’s donates a portion of their sales to benefit community organizations that support sustainability, education, food justice, and more.

Taste the rainbow and, when in doubt, stuff yourself with dumplings for Thanksgiving by supporting Sandita's! And remember, as Sandy wisely advises, "always have room for one more!"

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