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About Us

In Mandarin, 家 (jia) translates to family and home, which we believe accurately represents the meaning food carries in our hearts. Food is a vehicle of culture that unifies all of us—something we need during these pressing times. Because of COVID-19, restaurants have had to close or let go of their employees due to the lack of business. More restaurants have been forced to shut their doors as COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread. Along with the rising amount of COVID-19 cases, comes the great wave of racism targeted at Asians. Ignorant people have dubbed the phrase “Chinese Virus” when referring to the aggressive respiratory disease. In this way, they are pinning the blame on an entire race and fueling the resurgence of xenophobia.


Our mission is to combat the animosity towards Asians by promoting local Asian restaurants. If you choose to donate, we will help keep the restaurants' doors open.

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