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  • Clara Kleindorfer

Cha Bei Bei Teahouse: Feisty Girl and a New Take on Boba

Cha Bei Bei, derived from the Taiwanese for “Feisty Girl,” embodies the spirit of strong and independent business leader, Tonie Huang. Female owned, ethically and sustainably sourced, and homemade, she has created a sensation in the ever changing culinary landscape. Hoping for a health conscious alternative to powder, syrup, and low-grade boba, Tonie took it upon herself to face the challenge and accomplish her dream.

Tonie Huang, Founder of Cha Bei Bei Teahouse

Originally from Taiwan, she came to the United States at age 10 and started a franchised boba business in 2006. After being unsatisfied with and being unable to control the quality of the products, she decided to start her own boba shop in 2010. Recently, she relocated to Wilshire to start Cha Bei Bei, her health conscious and original concept. Cha Bei Bei’s signature item is the house milk tea, formulated with a unique blend of five loose leaf black teas, organic cream, organic milk, a touch of vanilla, and sweetened with maple syrup. Tonie also invented a creative way to chill her drinks with a frozen milk tea cube. Cha Bei Bei does not use any syrups, powders, or artificial ingredients. Everything is organic, ethically and sustainably sourced, and uses ingredients from local farmers markets. Tonie has successfully created a healthier way to make boba drinks using boba made from scratch, organic nut milks, directly sourced artisanal teas, no additives, and the highest quality ingredients.

Her journey to fresh food started as a young girl. She grew up with her grandmother who took care of the kids and cooked homemade hot lunch for her every day in elementary school. She grew up used to eating healthy, homestyle food and in Cha Bei Bei, wanted to go back to her grandmother’s way of making food: from scratch. Though she has no culinary background, from watching her grandmother Tonie discovered her passion and natural talent for cooking.

For Tonie, the pandemic hit hard. She opened Cha Bei Bei six months before the COVID-19 shut down. The building where her shop is located, usually a bustling location, became empty overnight. She was extremely worried but slowly gained a loyal customer base. Additionally, when the “no dine in” ruling of the pandemic was announced, Tonie removed all of her furniture and had a bare wall. She decided to turn it into a gallery and create a “Who Is Seen” space in her shop where she works with local artists to showcase their pieces.

She appreciates all the support Cha Bei Bei has received and is grateful for all the help living out her dream. “I am not running a business right now, I am doing something I am passionate about and happy in doing.”

Visit Cha Bei Bei Teahouse!

Address: Address: 5217 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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