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Sushi With Attitude: A Family Affair

It is especially important to have a good attitude during these challenging times, and Remi Kohno and her family have really taken that message to heart with the start of their new business Sushi With Attitude (SWA).

The Kohno Family

Sushi With Attitude is actually not the Kohno family’s first business venture. Six years ago they had the daring idea of working together on a business and started a food stand named What Floats Ur Boat at the 626 Night Market. The stand was wildly popular and garnered much attention for their unique musubis and eye catching boat shaped dishes. Remi has since graduated from college and has been working in the entertainment marketing industry for about five years. When the night markets were cancelled due to the pandemic, the Kohno family decided to change their attitude and pivot from What Floats Ur Boat to a new cloud kitchen concept. With this new concept, they are able to make the most of the circumstances and utilize a commercial kitchen to prep food exclusively for delivery and takeout. This way, the Kohnos can adapt to the changing times and start a virtual brand efficiently.

Because of the innovative way that Remi and her family created a new business, they decided to name their new brand Sushi With Attitude. She says, “I think a lot of people can relate to this; that no matter who you are or where you came from, we’re all dealing with a difficult situation right now. With the saving grace being having a different change your attitude.”

This message is deeply personal to Remi and has helped her through many difficult situations. She tells us, “Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, there are always going to be difficult times ahead and it really matters how you react to it. With the right attitude, you can change your situation.”

Aside from the positive messaging, the food at SWA comes with its own fiery attitude and flair. At Sushi With Attitude, Remi and her family serve up SushiBi, a fusion of sushi and musubi. She says, “A SushiBi in 3 words is: sushi with attitude, and we get creative and combine odd combinations that seem to just work, like chipotle caramelized bacon and avocados along with salmon poke and Flaming Hot Cheetos!” When asked about the inspiration behind these fantastic creations, Remi says, “The inspiration really centers around us having a deep appreciation for all types of food, and being able to use our creativity in the kitchen and in our recipes is what we as a family love to do!”

Starting a new business during the pandemic has definitely come with challenges, but Remi and the Kohnos are motivated by all the positive feedback and support they have received from customers and fans. In a time where enjoyable dining is hard to come by, the Kohnos work hard to produce exciting and fun food deliveries, and “it warms [their] hearts knowing that [they] can bring some fun attitude to people’s homes during these difficult times.” Another unique challenge the Kohnos face is working as a family. Remi says, “We get on each others’ nerves all the time and being able to not let those emotions feed into the business has definitely been the biggest challenge.” But it may also be their biggest strength. She says, “The beauty about this family business is that we all have strengths and are responsible for different parts of the business.” Her mom handles the accounting and finance, her dad manages business development, her brother runs kitchen operations, and Remi handles the marketing. Remi tells us, “They say food brings people together. That’s exactly true in our household and something we hope to share with all our customers.”

Try Sushi With Attitude!

Instagram: @sushiwithattitude

Address: 1842 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007

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