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Hock + Hoof: Home and Taiwanese Railroad Bento

Hock + Hoof is a product of love, comfort, and familial influence. The restaurant reflects its owners’ love of food and emphasis on home. With its new concept, focused on contemporary Asian cuisine, Hock + Hoof creates the perfect atmosphere to share a “Taiwan Railroad Pork Chop Rice” or satisfy your boba craving. Hock + Hoof owners and founders Kat Hu and Justin Yi continue to amaze and they share, “Our love of food and feeding our family, friends, and guests are what inspire us and continues to drive us.”

Justin Yi and Kat Hu, Founders of Hock + Hoof

Kat and Justin met as chefs working at different restaurants in Los Angeles. Kat is from Nanjing China and has a plethora of food memories that have influenced her passion for food. Justin grew up in a traditional Korean family eating and making home-cooked meals with his mother and grandmother. His memories of comfort and joy around the kitchen inspired him to pursue the world of food from a young age. After working together in San Jose and connecting through a shared passion for food, Kat and Justin got married and decided to embark on a joint venture. Their restaurant Hock + Hoof was born out of a desire to open a casual dining space focused on showcasing their culture, influences, and passion through food.

Growing up eating Taiwanese food, both Kat and Justin loved the elegant and comforting, yet bold flavors of the cuisine and decided to bring Taiwanese food to the Little Tokyo area in the form of railroad bento. In Taiwan, most travel outside of the city is done by train. Bento, or bian dang, is a staple food item when traveling on the railroad and the most classic choice is crispy pork chop over rice.

The inspiration for the Menu at Hock + Hoof is comfort. Kat and Justin wanted to bring comforting, filling, home-cooked style meals to their community. Some of the signature Hock + Hoof items include the Taiwanese Railroad Pork Chop, Chicken Bento, Pork Belly Buns, and the Taiwanese Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Hock + Hoof is one of the thousands of restaurants that has been impacted by COVID-19. They had to close their sit-down restaurant in Downtown and relocate to Little Tokyo, re-concepting completely to continue to provide the community with comforting meals and employees with jobs.

Justin and Kat “are hopeful the future will be bright for [them]selves and all of the restaurants and businesses who feel [their] pain and struggles.” Their motto is to “stay positive; ignore the haters and love the lovers.”

Visit Hock + Hoof!

Address: 333 S Alameda St Unit 100e, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Order online at for pickup

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